Products and solutions


The Unifreighter TM - is a leading edge database server product built for transportation industry. The current version of the product covers road transportation of goods, but it's database is designed and planned to include all types of transportation (rail, air, sea) in its future releases.

The product has been built using latest technologies available on the market and best practices accumulated by the transportation and IT industries. The combination of browser based user interface and high performance transactional database represents competitive advantage comparing to other products on the marked. Its unlimited scalability makes it equally attractive to small, fast growing businesses as well as big transportation companies.


The product covers all aspects of road transportation of goods including:

  • Recording and tracing consignments

  • Pre-forwarding

  • On-forwarding

  • Planning, sending and receiving of consignments across multiple depots

  • Containers/pallets control

  • Sub-contractors management

  • Transparent, detailed manifesting of consignments

  • Fully integrated accounting and payments functionality

  • Integrated operational and management level reporting and analysis

  • User managed administration and access control.

The product is designed to be deployed internally or as an ASP model with customers direct web access to ordering, billing and reporting functionality.



Universal Targeted Messaging Solutions - UTMS TM - is an out-of-the-box database server product with the set of combined functionality and features every mass communicator / direct marketer would put in the "must have" category:

- Collaborative

- Demographics based

- Contents integrated

- Multi-Channel-Delivery Ready

- Targeted communications Campaign Manager

- Flexible structures List Manager

- Historical data reporting enabled

- Browser based user interface


MyFormManTM is a database server product allowing anyone to participate in the on-line data collection business quickly, easily and professionally, and in no time – design, create, preview, test and deploy professionally looking, multi-page  on-line data collection forms to:

  • collect potential customers’ demographics rich data

  • create micro sites for subscribers to increase your circulation,

  • run on-line market research surveys,

  • conduct on-line polls

  • perform examination of students and more.


Major points:

  • User Interface is browser based, so there's no deployment costs associated. Platform independent operation - works with any HTML compliant browser.

  • Junior graphic designer can complete all the project. There is no need to engage programmers, DBAs, project managers - no IT involvement, no knowledge of HTML, JAVA, etc. is required.

  • Practically zero time to market  - from initial idea to implementation.

  • Allows creation of multi-page forms with navigation controls.

  • Absolute positioning of form elements. Full control of presentation - colors, fonts, images, background images and colors.

  • Built-in input data validation functionality with user error messaging.

  • Database ready - all collected data is stored in relational database.

  • Real time monitoring of live forms with real time collected data download (CSV format).

  • Multi-lingual ready. Can be used to produce forms in any language.

  • Instant preview, testing and deployment.

It is a complete on-line forms management system without IT overheads attached.

For more information please contact Gregory Shadur on 61(0) 412-506245.